Welcome to the SPARTACUS Workshop

Meet the Battery Sensor and BMS Community in San Sebastián (Spain)
June 21 – 22, 2023

San Sebastian – beach view. Image: CIDETEC


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Smart sensor batteries and the future battery generation

Two days in San Sebastián filled with exciting reports, discussions and talks. We’re looking forward to meeting you at the workshop!


21 June 2023

Day 1

Industrial Workshop


  8:30 Registration & Welcome Coffee  
  9:00 Welcome (WS intro & agenda) Oscar Miguel (CIDETEC energy storage)
Think local, act global 9:10 Regional initiative: MUBIL New Mobility Centre Ainhoa Saizar Lizeaga (MUBIL)
  9:30 National initiatives: the PERTE VEC projects – Future:Fast Forward (SEAT) & CAPITAL (IRIZAR) Víctor Clua (SEAT), Mikel Urcelay (IRIZAR)
  10:10 CIDETEC Energy Storage presentation Oscar Miguel (CIDETEC energy storage)
  10:30 Recharge Coffee  
The Project 11:00 EU state of play: Battery 2030+ within the EU Batteries Ecosystem Kristina Edström (University Uppsala)
11:25 SPARTACUS Smart Sensing Batteries – project presentation Gerhard Domann (Fraunhofer ISC)





SPARTACUS Advisory Board introduction:

ELTEK – Quality sensing for dielectric fluids

TUKE / INOBAT – Corrosion monitoring and prediction of state of health of electrodes in battery systems



Pizzi Marco (ELTEK Group)

Maroš Halama (TUKE)

Gilles Moreau (VERKOR)

  12:30 Networking lunch  
A wider industrial stakeholders vision 14:00 Introduction to the afternoon session Oscar Miguel (CIDETEC energy storage)
14:05 FLASH BATTERIES – Advanced BMS for industrial applications Alan Pastorelli
14:25 IDNEO – Review of risk assessment for battery management based on centralised and distributed architectures Antonio Mollfulleda (IDNEO)
14:45 BMW Franz Geyer (BMW)
15:05 Fast Charge Coffee  
15:20 IVECO – Battery Aging by Innovative Sensors Sridhar Manasa, Dr. Neeta Khare (IVECO)
15:40 ZELEROS Daniel Fons (ZELEROS)
  16:00 Roundtable battery challenges for e-mobility: FLASH, IDNEO, SEAT, BMW, IVECO Chair: Gerhard Domann (Fraunhofer ISC)
  16:30 End of Day 1  
Social event – project team, speakers and guests 19:00 Informal Cocktail in the city participants of Day 1 and Day 2

22 June 2023

Day 2

Synergistic Projects Workshop

  9:00 Introduction to  Day 2  
Battery 2030+ led Sensing and Self Healing projects 9:10 BAt4EVER – Autonomous polymer based self-healing components for high performant lithium-ion batteries Maitane Berecibar (VUB)
9:30 The HIDDEN project: Integration of sensors and self-healing functionalities in batteries Marja Vilkman (VTT)
9:50 Multisensor smart cell platform for operando and in situ monitoring, an INSTABAT project overview Olivier Raccurt (CEA)
10:10 SENSIBAT – Cell-integrated sensing functionalities for smart battery systems with improved performance and safety Iñigo Gandiaga (IKERLAN)
  10:30 Working Coffee  
Broadening horizons session 11:00 SPARTACUS Smart Batteries – Focus into sensor development and integration Johannes Ziegler (Fraunhofer ISC)
11:20 Advanced sensors and algorithms from COBRA project Lluís Trilla (IREC)
11:40 SENSE – Competitive next-generation European lithium-ion battery technology Alessandro Mariani (FPT)
12:00 HYDRA – Enhancing battery sensor data with semantic mappings Simon Clark (SINTEF)
12:20 PHOENIX – Advancing Sustainable and Smart European Batteries: Exploring Self-Healing and Sensing Functionalities Pavlo Ivanchenko (VUB) 
12:40 Roundtable – New frontiers in smart battery cell technologies and LCA Chair: Maarten Messagie (VUB)
  13:15 End of the Day  

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